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Date : 2023-02-21 19:50:03

Technology is the core secret of platform profit and the core power of long-term development and smooth operation.

In 2016, Smith Duston Duston.Smith and multinational financial and IT professionals established the world's top quantitative trading team - Taurus Club Duston.Smith is a perfectionist. He has a star dream and a talent for acting since childhood. But he was finally influenced by his father as a businessman and became a businessman. His family industry deals in minerals and international trade. Duston.Smith has a sharp vision and is good at capturing business opportunities. With the increasing popularity of digital asset derivatives, it has been recognized by players in many countries. On the basis of the original professional quantitative team, Duston.Smith personally led the team to successfully upgrade and build a more powerful "Daston" AI intelligent platform ("Daston" AI intelligent profit system, which has been successfully developed by the team for six years) in October 2022, which shows the importance of the Daston platform!

Duston takes the lead in using the world's leading multi board operation mechanism. The boards are directly linked to each other and develop cooperatively, so that the real hematopoietic function is strong, no foam, zero load operation, and more customers create profits.

The technical team has more than 10 years of professional network security protection experience to ensure the security of user funds and software itself. The technicians provide 7x24 hours of uninterrupted protection, real-time data backup, and no loss to meet the needs of customers around the world to trade anytime and anywhere.

The world's leading blockchain fully automatic intelligent trading system, the peak work of the originator of quantitative software, and the patented technology leading the market for 2-3 years. The former technical executive of KPMG (KPMG) in the UK, the network security protection specialist of Sophos (Guardian Messenger) in the UK, and the top talents of the IT industry in the United States, Italy and other countries spent more than 10 million dollars to build it.

Bull and bear markets can make stable profits. Through intelligent analysis, intelligent detection and intelligent calculation, buy and sell orders can be issued. The mechanism of preventing waterfalls and sudden inflation can be more precise and in place, and the profit space can be easily maximized.

The original source code is adopted for research and development, and each code is programmed by the technical personnel of Daston Laboratory one by one, and the multilingual mixed development is adopted (the advanced technology only owned by the international leading enterprises of the Internet)

Strategy identification: search strategy, excavate advantages, and determine transaction frequency.

Backtracking test: obtain data, analyze strategy performance, and eliminate deviation.

Delivery system: connect brokers, automate transactions and minimize transaction costs.

Risk management: optimal capital allocation, minimum risk, transaction psychology.


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