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Collection of works of contemporary painting and calligraphy masters

Date : 2023-03-21 11:30:02

Chinese painting and calligraphy art is the essence of traditional Chinese culture. It has long occupied half of the Chinese art collection market. No matter in ancient times or today, no matter in Kings and generals or businessmen and nobles, all feel honored for getting an authentic work of a famous artist. In view of this, in order to adapt to the trend of social and cultural development, to guide the public to the correct direction of collection and investment, to provide a broader display platform for art creators. Promote and publicize the artistic ideas and works of the participating artists. All the People's Artists selected as representatives will be promoted on the official website of People's Daily Overseas media of China Central Television Network, and recommend the calligrapher and painter with the greatest collection potential and development potential to collectors and collection institutions from all walks of life.

Carry forward the art of famous artists and show everyone's style. Through the network media to show the inheritance and innovation of artists, promote the prosperity of art, better and faster into the market, to realize their artistic value。

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