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Daganmen National School: Teacher Qian Yue, known as one of the "most popular Yi learning masters" in Chinese circles, caused a stir when she opened an online charity class

Date : 2023-03-10 10:00:02

Recently, in the Chinese circle known as one of the "most popular Yi learning master" teacher Qian Yue in order to popularize the culture of Yi learning, especially on the network platform with "Daganmen national School" open free public public classes, one shot caused a lot of Internet users attention and hot discussion.

The lecturer of the public welfare course is Mr. Qian Yue, who was taught by Cardinal Yang (Yang Jiopin was taught by the thirty-ninth generation Sun), the director of China Liangyi Yi Learning Research Association, studied numerology, Qimen Doujia, and was good at Guo Yang's Kanyu technique. He is a practical practitioner of China's Yi Ching, and the president of Daganmen Yi Learning Research Institute. She made the I Ching culture and sinology popularized and promoted, carried forward the traditional Chinese culture, and trained the Chinese people to do business. He is a "real master of sinology".

Ms. Qian Yue from Daganmen National School is a well-known scholar of Yi learning in China. She has 28 years of experience in Yi learning. She not only has a profound foundation of Yi learning, profound knowledge and profound cultural heritage, but is committed to the research and dissemination of Yi learning culture. She has repeatedly penetrated into ancient Chinese classics, studied a variety of cultural ways of the I Ching, learned Chinese culture, improve their own self-cultivation, let them in the changing society, let the Internet users through the I Ching learning to obtain a higher level of moral cultivation, but also help everyone to improve the aesthetic standards, full of spirit, glow, realize life without regrets. The public welfare course, Qian Yue teacher with enthusiasm to widely make readers friends, let the popularization of Yi learning technology, let more users understand the culture of Yi learning, she through personal practice, gradually formed their own unique way. It perfectly displays the splendid and magnificent culture of Chinese Yi learning.

Daganmen National School is mainly engaged in sinology education, research and training. It has set up wisdom public welfare lecture hall and sinology culture series training courses based on the relevant knowledge of the Book of Changes. Through the most correct and easy to understand way, it carries forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation and studies and spreads the practical wisdom of sinology for thousands of years. Famous teachers teach personally, so that every common people can integrate the classics of Sinology through and link to their own life, career, to the public as the social, sinology culture as the root, wisdom as the foundation, committed to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, help people to improve their fate, realize life without regrets.

In addition, Daganmen National Academy is the first national academy implanted with offline meditation culture in China. Located in the inner courtyard of Zen temple, the National Academy is built together with traditional sinology culture, providing the public with deep sinology learning resources, as well as integrating the cohesion and support of meditation culture. "Tea can clear the heart, Qin can calm the mind", which also has a tea room, the culture of Chinese culture as a whole must have a high degree of metaphysical wisdom, a high degree of moral spirit, but also should have artistic ability throughout it, in order to achieve the overall culture. The indoor is full of classical cultural incense, coupled with the comfortable decoration, you can feel a kind of ethereal leisurely realm, make people's mind get a rest, seems to explain the essence of sinology for the disseminators of sinology, immersive, let visitors as if through the Zhenguan governance era. Its lofty temple, imposing momentum, the hospital is a crowd like weaving, incense peak.

Qianyue teacher and Daganmen National School have always been rooted in the culture of Chinese culture, wisdom as the foundation, to the public, committed to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, help people to improve their fate, realize life without regrets. The online public welfare course of Qian Yue teacher has been well received by the majority of netizens and recognized by people from all walks of life. I believe that Qian Yue teacher and Daganmen National School will bring you more surprises, for the majority of users to bring more wonderful.

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