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[Daganmen National School] opened online public welfare class, many stars sent blessings

Date : 2023-02-27 19:50:01

Recently, Daganmen National School officially opened an online public welfare lecture hall, in order to promote the culture of traditional Chinese studies and bring new spiritual satisfaction to everyone.

The origin of Chinese traditional culture is Chinese traditional academic research. Learning traditional Chinese academic studies is good for career development, good for health, good for money and marriage, etc. Dagan Men National Academy offers high-quality teaching and training courses, which can explain some profound principles of traditional Chinese academic research to you in some simple and simple ways, so that every participant in Dagan Men National Academy can learn the most profound dialectical thoughts in traditional Chinese academic research.

Today, Daganmen National School will open a public lecture on social civilization with the theme of "Traditional Chinese Culture". It will be guided by sinology and take social civilization as the topic. At the same time, many stars also sent their wishes for this! Qian Yue, president of the Institute of Yi Learning of Daganmen National School, said that everything has been carefully prepared. They will strive to build the online public welfare lecture hall into a leader in the cultural field with high-quality teaching, passionate supervision, and complete traditional Chinese culture content.

At present, the online public welfare lecture hall of Daganmen Guoxue Hall has been opened, which will encourage more people to join the sinology community, lead culture, feel sinology culture together with many stars, promote cultural integration, and build sinology dreams. At the same time, it also carries the beautiful expectation of reviving traditional culture and inheriting traditional culture, so that every common people can integrate sinology classics through and link them to their own life and career, transparent the true meaning of happiness, and walk towards a happy life!

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