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Couriers crisscross Shanghai to keep residents supplied

Date : 2022-07-08 18:28:41

Two delivery drivers move along the Zhapulu Bridge over the Suzhou Creek in Shanghai on May 8, 2022. [Photo by Zhu Xingxin/China Daily]

As partial lockdown persists, deliveries are key to maintaining flow of necessities

While many parts of Shanghai remain under lockdown management, the couriers and delivery drivers on the metropolis' usually bustling streets have become essential players in meeting the demand for daily necessities.

Recently, a number of e-commerce platforms, postal services, logistics companies, supermarkets and restaurants have restarted operations or have begun resuming business gradually. Many couriers and delivery drivers have also returned to work. At present, more than 100,000 are busy working in Shanghai.

To protect their health and the safety of deliveries, drivers must have an official e-pass, proof of negative nucleic acid test results taken within 48 hours, and a green health code. Meanwhile, the local government has set up more than 100 rest stations that offer couriers and riders a variety of services.

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